In a highly successful career that spanned three decades, Stephen J. Cannell created or co-created more than 40 shows, of which he scripted more than 450 episodes and produced more than 1,500 episodes.  From the iconic Rockford Files, which forever changed the detective show genre, to the action-packed A-Team, to the long-running hit Silk Stalkings, Stephen was an unstoppable creative force in television. At one point in his career, Stephen had the third largest television production company in Hollywood with multiple shows on several networks. Take a look around at your favorite Cannell shows, many of which include a downloadable script written by Stephen.


In addition to writing and producing, Stephen stepped in front of the camera on several occasions. He was a series regular on Renegade, a show he created, a featured actor in TV movies such as The Ice Spiders and a recurring guest-star on the ABC-TV series Castle. Stephen enjoyed acting almost as much as he enjoyed working behind the scenes. His TV appearances remind us of Stephen's charisma and the joy that he brought to audiences.
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